The Best Barware for Making Cocktails at Home

Making cocktails at home doesn’t have to be complicated, but we can all aspire to more than dumping margarita mix in a blender. If you’ve caught the craft cocktail bug and want to make elegant drinks for yourselves and friends (because friends will start knocking on your door), it’s time to consider your tools.

A week ago we were given a SHISHOOK Premium Set Cocktail Shaker to test for free, and realized that you don't have to spend too much money to get a great quality cocktail shaker.

The company only uses the highest quality materials approved by the – FDA and it really shows!

The SHIKSHOOK Premium Set includes:

Cocktail Shaker : 

Cocktail shaker 25 oz with built-in strainer

The Deluxe Three Piece (also called Cobbler) Shaker Deluxe has a couple notable differences than the standard 3 piece variety. The top strainer section fits over the tin, which combined withe ornamental ridge allows for a bit more grip in use and separation.

The cap fits snug on top to prevent spillage.

Duble Jigger:

Jiggers are important for every bar to keep on hand, and bar managers and owners love having their staff use them for inventory control. Professional mixologists also understand how important accurate measure is when mixing ingredients in cocktails and highballs, and beginning or home bartenders rely on them for getting correct measurements for new recipes. Made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. Standard sizes are included here, and each feature two measuring amounts.

And 2 pourers: 

The SHIKSHOOK pourers has gained recognition and is now preferred by many professional bartenders around the world. One of its best features, by all other comparisons, is its high quality stainless steel construction.


SHIKSHOOK manufactures its products so that clients will benefit from a product quality and long-lasting, Therefore they commit themselves to a lifetime warranty on their products. Their products are dishwasher safe and have lifetime warranty.


It's perfect for partying with friends and making delicious mimosas or mojitos.

If you want more info, make sure you visit their site: