The day I fell in love with Eyelash extensions!

I was recently invited to check out the new Amazing Lash studio in Chino, CA and the experience was absolutely wonderful.  


I have lived an eyelash obsessed life for as long as I can remember. Having beautiful lashes has always been my goal, and even tho my lashes are pretty long, I love wearing falsies as often as I can.

For as much as I love long lashes, I was always afraid that extensions would make my eyelashes fall and that they might make my eyelids heave or itchy, but now that I got them I wonder... Why did I want so long to get them?!

It's interesting to think that the tiny hairs that happen to grow out of my eyelids make such a difference in my appearance, my confidence, and subsequently, my daily life.

It might even sound a bit crazy, but having longer lashes can make such a big impact, so when I got invited to check out this magical place called Amazing Lash Studio where lashes are their specialty I didn't think about it twice.

On the evening of my appointment I was a little nervous. I had read a few crazy stories about the procedure. But, I walked in and was immediately put at ease. The place was spectacular and the staff super friendly.

 I was scheduled to get a full set of lash extensions (which can take up to 90) and while I wanted for my appointment I got a glass of champaign and chocolate strawberries.

The vibes at Amazing Lash Studio were calm and all around really nice. They welcomed me and took me to my private room where I even had blankets to cover in case it got cold.

The salon offers 4 different type of lashes, but the lash expert suggested that I got the "cute look" for a fuller more dramatic set of lashes. The procedure didn't feel like anything. It didn't hurt, it wasn't uncomfortable, and all the questions that I had were answered by the lash expert who was always nice and friendly. All I had to do is lie down with my eyes closed for an hour and a half and boy it was worth it! 

Once finished, I had fluttery, customized lashes that lined my lids in the most gorgeous way ( see picture below for before and after). I was also surprised at how natural they looked. I snapped a few selfies and headed back home.


For the next few days, I felt amazing and I still do. I love the fact that I don't have to wear so much makeup to work anymore. It saves me a lot of time in the mornings, I just have to wake up, brush them out, and be on my way.

The lash expert warned me not to wear mascara and to avoid getting them wet as much as possible, so I have been very careful about it. I stopped wearing eye makeup all together as to not mess with the glue or the look of my new lashes. 

I'm really excited to wear them until they fall, they really make a big difference in the way my eyes look and I love it. 

If you are thinking about trying them out, you totally should. I'm sure you will love them as much as I do.  

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