Hatch'Em Eggs Make the perfect gift for your children

There is something absolutely amazing about dinosaurs, they were big, scary, and strong and ruled the world for thousands of year until they became extinct. These are for sure some of the biggest reasons why so many kids LOVE them, especially those with vivid imaginations.

With the premier of successful movies such as Jurassic World, it’s impossible for the kids not to catch the “dinosaur fever”, and for us as parents, it’s always very rewarding to be able to provide our children with fun experiences that can enlighten their imaginations and have their own fun times with these dangerous reptiles.

A little ago, I was approached to try the Hatch ‘Ems Dinosaurs eggs by Animal Planet and I fell in love immediately! This toy is not only great for boys but also for girls. There are 2 different series and each of them has 3 colorful eggs that you can hatch and grow 3 different dinosaurs… Your kids not only get to play with them but also this is a ludic game, they get to learn about this ancient creatures while having fun.


What did we love the most about Hatch'Ems eggs?

The thing that we loved the most about this toy is that is very easy to use and very safe for kids,  they are very colorful ( you get blue, green and even pink dinosaurs!), and on top of that they motivate kids to learn about these creatures. I'm BIG on ludic games

Each Dinosaur comes with an Animal Fact Card that will teach your kids cool things about each species.

How do you use them?

The Hatch'Ems eggs are very easy to use and perfect for the summer as it involves water and you could hatch them outside in your backyard.

What you will need: 

1.  Cups


3. Your hatch'em Eggs

And this is how the magic happens:



The eggshells will start cracking in one or two days, and as days go by, the dinosaurs will grow and grow until they are ready for the kids to play with them. It's recommended that you change the water every day to support your pet's growth.

Once hatched, your kids can keep their dinosaurs in water up to three weeks for continued growth, but if they are want, they can just grab them and start playing. 

If you love animals, you should check out their other sets!

Animal Planet also has sets with safari, rainforest, and sea creatures themes. And  the coolest part is that the purchase of this product benefits the partners of R.O.A.R., a project to help make the world a better place for animals.

Do you want to buy the Hatch'Ems Eggs?

Hatch ‘Ems are available for purchase on their website and Amazon. Make sure to pick up a pack or two for your child, we promise he/she will love'Em!