Angeliz Guevara

A sassy Latina straight out of Venezuela.  She snagged a business degree from her motherland before studying Marketing at UCLA. She specialized in Hispanic Markets and is head over fabulous heels in love with Social Media.


As a Marketing specialist, she lives to take a brand, discover its voice and help it connect with its audience in a meaningful way.


She’s packed with enough joyful energy to run your Facebook profile for a year which would be a good thing because she’s a social-media-stud.  She has never slept-walked, but she has slept-Instagramed over 3 thousand photos for all her clients—and that was just last Thursday. (A world record.  Go ahead, Google it.)


She loves traveling and singing. She is passionate about her familia, she loves being a mom, taking pictures and making new friends.


In her free time she loves to do… everything (seriously, she’s one of those people).




Angeliz Guevara- Social Media is my Passion!

Angeliz Guevara- Social Media is my Passion!